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UD Truck Wreckers

Nissan Diesel Truck Salvage New Zealand

Cash for Unwanted UD/Nissan Diesel Trucks

If you are having a worn out Nissan Diesel truck that you wanted to take out and wanting up to $3000 – $20000 cash in return, then contact our UD Truck Wreckers team who offers the highest prices in New Zealand also offering FREE truck removal anywhere in North and South Island.

  • Medium Duty Trucks UD Condor MK, PK,
  • UD Heavy Duty Quon CD, CW,GK, GW…

 Wrecking, dismantling and disposing for all truck brands

Our truck wreckers purchase all kinds of trucks, no matter whatever make or model. We regularly buy UD trucks from the grade of makers below. If you need to sell a truck that isn’t on the following list, we’ll still bargain it. Some of the popular brands we buy frequently are UD/Nissan Diesel Trucks: CW,CK, Condor MK PK, Quon GK GW.

UD Truck Wreckers

UD Truck Wreckers Spare Parts Available

Most of CASHFORTRUCK‘s staff have worked here for 8 years or more. This depth of knowledge ensures that the part you receive will be the right part, first and every time. Our pride is in getting it right.  All second-hand parts are thoroughly cleaned and inspected for defects.

Get up to $20000 cash for UD trucks

You do not need to worry what make or model your truck is or what disorder, it is in, we would pay you up to $20,000 cash once we reach to pick it up. You could simply get a free estimate by calling us on 0800 002 883 or fill out the quote form on the right hand of the page.

Totally FREE Truck Removal & UD Truck Wreckers service

Apart from truck dismantling, we sort it stress-free to get rid of your truck with our free New Zealand-wide truck removal facility. All it takes is a call and we shall come to your location, anywhere in New Zealand, and remove your truck away. Please make sure that you book the pickup request in advanced so that we can arrange everything on time for you. If you are a little out of Auckland then still contact us, we might find the best option for you.

Service NZ regions for truck Wrecking and removal

Our free truck removal service work throughout New Zealand. However, if you can discuss your location before the booking that would be helpful for us.

You can give us a call and one of our staff will get back to you ASAP. Get more details about our Car Wreckers Services.

  1. Auckland truck wreckers
  2. Hamilton truck wreckers
  3. Wellington truck wreckers
  4. Christchurch truck wreckers
  5. Dunedin truck wreckers
  6. Nelson truck wreckers
  7. Tauranga truck wreckers
  8. Timaru truck wreckers
  9. Greymouth truck wreckers

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