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If your truck was involved in an accident and is beyond repair or if the one you own has become too costly to maintain, you should consider disposing of them through Taha truck wrecker’s network of truck wreckers throughout Tasman region, Nelson, Motueka, and Murchison. You don’t have to be stuck with a pile of junk. Turn that pile of metal into good, useful cash quickly and efficiently. Not only do we offer the best cash quotes for your units, but we’ll also even remove them from your property completely free of charge. That’s a sweet deal, don’t you think?

Wrecking, dismantling and disposing of for all truck brands

Our Truck Wreckers Tasman purchases all kinds of trucks, no matter whatever make or model. We regularly buy trucks from the grade of truck makers. If you need to sell a truck that isn’t on the following list, we’ll still bargain it. Some of the popular brands we buy frequently are:

Get up to $19000 cash for trucks with Truck Wreckers Tasman

You do not need to worry what make or model your truck is or what disorder, it is in, we would pay you up to $19,000 cash once we reach to pick it up. You could simply get a free estimate by calling us on 0800576911 or fill out the quote form on the right hand of the website.

We challenge that we offer top cash up to $19,000 for every truck up to depending on the condition. If you’ve already a good offer, then contact us for a better price. We assure you that we’ll beat all genuine offers from other companies and will give you the top price that no one will be able to compete with.

Why Choose Us?

When you choose Cash for Truck, you have a team of truck experts that will provide you with the best-selling experience. We provide our customers with:

  • Fair prices for their trucks of all makes and conditions of standard or automatic transmission trucks.
  • Instant cash payments up to $19,000 cash for truck payments that are paid at the time of our coming to your location of our customers to inspect and buy their trucks.
  • Free truck removals in the Tasman region (Motueka, Takaka, Murchison, Golden Bay, Richmond, Nelson). We are a truck wrecking company that works around the busy days of our customers to provide them with removals at the times of their convenience in their busy days.
  • Free paperwork. With Cash for Truck, you have the paperwork you depend on for a legal truck sale.

Contact Us Today

Sold means sold at Cash for Truck.  We are the truck removal company in New Zealand that brings vehicle owners the best deal on their unwanted trucks of any make and model of any age and condition.  You won’t hear an insultingly low offer when you give us a call, but one that is fair. Call us at  0800 002 883 Complete our “Get a Quote” form at the top right of this page.

With our cash for trucks service, we cater to the following locations:

  1. Auckland truck wreckers
  2. Christchurch truck wreckers
  3. Wellington truck wreckers