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Truck Scrap Yard Christchurch


Truck Scrap Yard Christchurch that make fair cash offers on trucks can be hard to find; that is until you give cash for trucks Christchurch a call. We are the truck wreckers in Christchurch that pay instant cash for vehicles of any make and model, whether the engine is in or out, running or not. Just give us a call for an instant cash offer of up to $18,000 cash.

Truck Wreckers in Christchurch

Truck wreckers need to be professional for vehicle owners to get the best value out of their vehicle. Truck Scrap Yard Christchurch are professional truck wreckers that have the industry expertise to get the best cash out of your unwanted vehicle that is otherwise ready for the wrecker. We are a auto wreckers company that is fully licensed and insured and one that offers the best cash on every truck we buy, running or not.

Truck Scrap Yard Christchurch

With years of experience in the business, we have built our reputation as the trusted cash for trucks buyer that makes fair offers on scrap, accident, fire, flooded, salvaged and junk trucks. Get the right kind of value for your vehicle, call the fully licensed and insured truck buyers and wreckers. Call 0800 90 90 70.

Free Truck Disposals

Truck Scrap Yard Christchurch may offer a Free Truck Disposal, but your truck will be far from disposed of. At Cash for Truck, we recycle trucks 90 to 100 percent, offering you the best value out of a vehicle that has been wrecked, scrapped, junked, or simply not worth repairing. Our truck disposals are turned into eco-friendly truck recycling that puts cash back in your hands on your junk or wrecked vehicle. Like all our cash for truck offers, we pay up to $18,000 on scrap, wrecked, accident, junk and damaged trucks, as well.

4×4 & Ute Wreckers Christchurch

As professional truck wreckers, we are experts in both standard and automatic transmission truck wrecking. Our 4×4 wreckers can dismantle any make and model of vehicle to get the maximum value from the vehicle. We take a great deal of pride in saying that we are the eco-friendly truck dismantlers that recycle nearly 100 percent of all trucks. Our standard policy is to make you a cash offer on your unwanted truck that is ready for the wreckers, as well as a free truck removal should you accept our offer.

What You Need before You Call Truck Scrap Yard Christchurch for A Cash Quote on Your Unwanted Truck

Obtaining a cash quote on your unwanted vehicle is quite simple. We don’t require any detail with the exception of the details of your vehicle. We make the process one that is quick, taking about 10 minutes. We simply require the details of your vehicle that include a thorough description of your vehicle that includes details about the body, interior, and under the hood, as well as its:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Age
  • Condition
  • Odometer Reading
  • Vehicle Identification Number

With that, we can provide you with an instant cash offer that you simply accept or reject. If you accept our cash quote, we can be there this afternoon to remove your vehicle at no cost.

Contact Us Today

To obtain an instant cash quote on your unwanted truck or 4×4 of any make and model, simply give us a call at the number below. We can also be reached through our “Get a Quote” form located at the top of this page. Our cash for trucks offers is good, reaching up to $18,000 cash that is paid at the time we come to collect your vehicle.

Call us at 0800 90 90 70.

We are Christchurch’s truck buyer and wrecker who are reliable and remove all truck make and model. We operate in Australia as well, this includes Sydney truck wreckers, Brisbane truck wreckers,  Melbourne truck wreckers.