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Scrap Truck Value Auckland


Whether you are selling your damaged truck, trading it in or eager to know about its cash for truck price. It is always important to get a fair indication of Scrap Truck Value Auckland. Because a fair bit of extra money can always help in converting that heavy piece of metal into cash flow.

Scrap Truck Value Auckland

Practically, a broken-down or rusting old commercial truck won’t be of much worth. But as commercial vehicles are large in size they have great scrap metal potential. Which can be sold for good value. Best of all, if your unwanted fleet truck is in a perfectly good condition apart from some minor dents, scratches or dings. You can expect to sell it for a good value.

In addition to this, the make, model, size and condition of the major parts including power train, exhaust system, axle’s, tires, wheels, engine, and driveshaft are the major aspect in deciding its fair worth. The reason is obvious that these components contain a great amount of desirable and useful scrap metal components.

  • Box body
  • Car transporter
  • Curtain sider
  • Flat deck
  • Freezer & chiller
  • Horse trucks
  • Tippers & sliders
  • Tractor units
  • Truck trailers

Therefore, even if your old commercial vehicle is not roadworthy and ideally parked on your property, collecting dust. You can still sell it for decent cash to truck wreckers. Of course, it will be a win-win situation for you because these companies find good value even in junk or salvage commercial vehicles.


When dealing with cash for commercial vehicles you will get lightened of all stress, including the hassle related to the auto selling process. Scrap Truck Value Auckland companies accept commercial automobiles in all conditions, regardless of their shape and size (Trucks, Utes, Vans, 4WDs & SUVs) with on the spot cash payment. They will remove your light or heavy truck from anywhere in New Zealand along with arranging the paperwork at no extra cost to you. Get in touch with your local scrap truck buyer today.

  1. truck wreckers Aucklandtruck wreckers Hamilton & Tauranga
  2. truck wreckers Wellingtontruck wreckers Christchurch.


Scrap Truck buyers are always ready to take in any model without troubling their clients about its condition. No matter if your used vehicle is suffering from any kind of major or minor issue such as engine or transmission problem, insurance write-off, accidental or no more practical to move around in as it may be at the end of its life. Whatever reason is the old commercial vehicle buyers will pay you a genuine price for it in terms of its scrap metal.

So, feel free to contact your local Scrap Truck Value Auckland today. If you know it has good scrap metal potential even after being declared a total loss by the insurance firm.

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Besides this, you can also rest assured that your scrap vehicle will not harm the environment. Because Scrap Truck Value Auckland run programs in which their skilled technicians treat junk automobiles by following green standards.


If you want to figure out the accurate worth of your Scrap Truck Value Auckland. Get in touch with CASHFORTRUCK If you call them or complete their online scrap bid form. They will give you a quick appraisal of your commercial or tipper truck. But make sure to describe all its essential information so that their cash for trucks team can precisely analyze the details and come up with a genuine cash quote.

The moment you will accept their quote. They will quickly arrange a removal service at no towing expense to you.

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