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Hino Wreckers

Hino Scrap Yards in New Zealand

Sell Unwanted Hino Truck for Cash anywhere in New Zealand

Our aim is to supply you with the correct Hino spare part that you require. If We do not have quality used or reconditioned part in stock in our extensive auto wrecking yards then we will either find out who can supply you through our New Zealand network of Hino Wreckers or we will obtain used truck part at our discounted prices.

Hino Wreckers can source parts, panels, diffs, motors, gearboxes, lights, trim, fuel tanks, trays, dashes, instrument clusters, combination switches–the list goes on. If you prefer new, we can source aftermarket parts for any make and model at competitive rates. Just contact us to inquire!

For trucks, we can stock tippers, trays, panels, fridge/freezer units, cattle crates, stock crates, trays with container pins, gates or curtain-sides.

Hino wreckers – Toyota truck wrecker

Hino Wreckers pay top dollar for all Toyota and Hino trucks. Hino trucks are well known for being extremely reliable commercial vehicles and even an old Hino can often be used for replacement parts. To get a cash quote for your Hino truck, just contact us on 0800 002 883.

Hino Wreckers

Scrap Hino truck removal for cash

Now instead of you paying us for removing the scrap from your paddock or garage, we are the ones who pay you since you will be accorded the Sell Hino Truck to Wreckers opportunity. The terms of the payments will be discussed upon you contacting us so hurry up & obtain some cash out of something you no longer use.

At Hino Wreckers, our free truck removal service offers a simple same-day service that includes the pickup of your damaged or scrap Hino trucks, and cash in hand on the spot.  Get cash up to $20000 for Trucks, damaged, unwanted, going or not going, Any Make and Model Any condition, etc.

Did we mention that we do all the paperwork for free? Well, we do, and Hino Wreckers are happy to save you time and hassle by doing so. If your car or van is not in working condition, our Hino Truck Wreckers located in 5 main yards throughout New Zealand (Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch, and Dunedin) will take the worry out of what can usually be an annoying situation, and you can be sure that not only is the process easy, it is also great for the environment.

Selling Hino Truck to Wreckers Process

If your unwanted Hino truck has been sitting around for a while, and no longer has a WOF certificate or is unregistered, that is not a problem either. These issues do not affect the services that we offer, and will not reduce the agreed-upon cash payout for your truck.

To get a quote or book a removal, call us on 0800 002 883. or fill out the form on the right and we’ll call you back. Read more about our truck wreckers below the image.

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