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Cash Paid for Unwanted Dyna Truck in New Zealand 

If you choose to have a hand filled with cash than a well used, unwanted Dyna truck, you need the Truck Elimination New Zealand! We supply fast, stress-free vehicle eradication services and fork out top dollar for almost any vehicle across New Zealand. Dyna Truck Salvage is greater than just a saying…at cash for trucks, it’s a life-style. We buy just about any automobile. If you have to sell a car or truck fast, we are classified as the place to call up 0800 002 883. Sell a Dyna truck online with one simple click. You can get a fast, free A LOT OF MONEY offer on just about any make, model as well as year truck, 4WD, Ute, VEHICLE, van or pickup truck.

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Our New Zealand money for Dyna trucks team pay around $13,000 cash for all types of Toyota Dyna trucks. Trucks are obviously the most prevalent type of vehicle on your way but we furthermore pay cash regarding 4×4 vehicles, vans and trucks. The more expensive the vehicle, the more it’s quite possible worth so should you have a big vehicle to trade, you could be sitting on a goldmine! You can find out more about our truck wreckers  call us now on 0800 002 883.

How much Cash for Scrap Toyota Dyna Truck?

This is the most important detail every truck owner wants to know – how much cash will I get for my Toyota Dyna truck? The price depends on several factors such as model, year, mechanical issues and condition. After inspecting and considering all details, we provide you with the final price for your Toyota Dyna truck. In fact, we pay as much as $13,000 in cash for old Toyota truck! Here are some of Toyota truck models that you can sell to us.


So pick up the phone and call us and we will help you with your unwanted, old, or junk Toyota truck.

The Best Dyna Truck Salvage Service in New Zealand!

We love Toyota Dyna’s, so much so, that we pride ourselves on being the best Toyota truck wrecking service in New Zealand. With a large catchment area that operates around the clock, and the added bonus of instant cash when we come to remove your Toyota truck, we will provide the best wrecking service, guaranteed.

We also aren’t picky about what condition the Dyna truck is in, or the size of the truck itself. All we concern ourselves with is providing you with a fantastic, free, and easy service, and getting our hands on as many Toyota Dyna parts as possible for our efficient recycling program!

Toyota Dyna Truck Spares

We can source parts, panels, diffs, motors, gearboxes, lights, trim, fuel tanks, trays, dashes, instrument clusters, combination switches–the list goes on. If you prefer new, we can source aftermarket parts for any make and model at competitive rates. Just contact us to inquire!

For trucks, we can stock tippers, trays, fridge/freezer units, cattle crates, stock crates, trays with container pins, gates or curtain-sides.

Our Dyna truck wreckers service every corner of New Zealand . Below is a list of our regular service cities in New Zealand and Australia that we offer free truck removal.