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Commercial Wreckers Otara

Truck Wreckers – We Wreck All Truck Makes & Models

Taha Truck Wreckers are passionate about dismantling all old and wrecked heavy commercial vehicles and this includes trucks. If you have a damaged, unwanted, scrapped, used, old, damaged, accident truck, damaged due to an accident or due to overuse, Commercial Wreckers Otara can buy it for cash from you right away.
We are among one of Auckland’s expert truck wreckers and will ensure you get a good amount for your Wrecked Truck. We don’t mind what condition the truck is in and if it’s running or dead but we promise you that you will get top money in return for your old vehicle. Sell your Scrap Truck for Top Cash to us.

Commercial Wreckers Otara

Cash for Truck is New Zealand’s number 1 truck wrecker, offering free truck removals that leave cash in your pocket. We don’t care about the make, model, year or condition, we accept trucks of all sizes, makes, models, age and condition! This is why we have become Commercial Wreckers Otara; that, and we put up to $29999 in your pocket for your Truck Removal. When you want to clear your yard of your used, scrap, accident, rusted, broken, etc. truck, then give us a call. Get instant cash for unwanted trucks.

Some of Our General Wrecking Brands Are –


Have a scrap truck you want to be removed? What about a used truck that’s in pretty good shape, you just don’t have the time or money to sell it? Either way, just give us a call at the number above and we will come to you and remove your truck for free. We work around the clock, every day of the year, so any time is a fine time at CashforTruck. Let us know where and when, and we’ll be there in a hurry!

We have top-notch truck wreckers in Otara

Whether you are in Otara or Auckland, our team of truck wreckers is the best you can ever find. Here are some of the indications that our truck wreckers are the right choice for you in Auckland:

  • They are very professional and expert in towing your bus or truck from where they are.
  • They are familiar with the company’s truck removal process.
  • They are efficient and will not cause you any trouble when dealing with your used truck for removal.
  • They don’t charge you any fee for removing your old bus or truck.
  • They will pay you a reasonable amount of cash for your unwanted trucks instantly.

Wrecking Truck for Cash it has never been Easier with Commercial Wreckers Otara

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  • We have customer service personnel who are available all the time to attend to you when you give us a ring.
  • Our truck/bus removal team will come quickly wherever your unwanted truck to be towed is located. We will not let you wait for a long time.
  • Whether you have no money on hand or are not willing to spend anything for your old bus/truck you want to dispose of, there is no problem. You will not be asked to pay anything for the removal and towing services for your old vehicles.
  • You can earn instant cash for your unwanted trucks/bus upon collection by our removal personnel. They will then bring your used truck or bus to the nearest auto wrecking yard for recycling.
  • We also practice an auto recycling process that does not harm the environment. This means that upon arrival of your old truck/bus to our scrap yard, this will be inspected carefully by our truck/bus wreckers. If there are parts from the truck that can still be used, these will be set aside by our dismantling team. The remaining parts that can no longer be used will undergo our eco-friendly recycling system.

Truck Used Parts for Sale

Commercial Wreckers Otara can save you a lot of money with quality used truck parts. They may also have that rare part for your truck that you can’t find at a new parts store. Auckland Auto wreckers offer a variety of services including paying cash for used trucks as well as scrap metal. They also sell domestic and imported used auto parts such as transmissions, bumpers, trailers, doors, headlights, taillights, Radiators, second-hand tires, wheels, and batteries.

We could not wait to receive your call and help you earn cash by selling your old trucks or bus to us! The correct number to dial is 0800 002 883.

• Call Today for a Free Cash Offer at 0800 002 883
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