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New Zealand Largest Truck Wrecker Paying Cash For Trucks

Taha Cash For Trucks regularly pay thousands of dollars for all makes and models of trucks. You can get up to $19,000 instant cash for your truck, no matter what age or condition it’s in. We prefer Japanese trucks but we’ll buy Japanese and European trucks for instant cash as well. If you’re ready to sell you truck, just contact our team! To get a cash quote for your truck, just contact us by phone or email with the details below.

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Truck Wreckers New Zealand – All Makes and Models

No matter what make and model of your truck and no matter what’s the condition of the truck. Cash For Trucks wreck them and get all reusable parts. Remaining body and shell of truck is converted into raw metal at the end. Cash For Trucks buy and wreck all models of following manufacturers.

Why are Taha auto wreckers so generous?

Because our customers come first. Having serviced and removed over 7,000 heavy vehicles throughout New Zealand cities and towns, we know only full well that selling your truck privately can be costly and unnecessarily stressful.  That’s why at  Taha Cash for Trucks  we want to assist you in disposing of your truck hassle-free.

We are also genuinely committed to ensuring that all scrap truck and wrecked vehicles are disposed of responsibly and do not cause any further damage to our environment.

So if you are looking for a reliable, competent Taha Cash for Trucks business specialized in the removal of heavy vehicles like Vans, Trucks, 4wds and Utes, look no further.

When Taha Cash for Trucks tows your truck away, not only will they look after all your paperwork, they’ll also reward you with up to $19,000in cash on the spot for it regardless of its model, whatever its condition or age.